Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easy steps-At home Pedicure

Spring is here! This is the time for sleeveless shirts, short shorts, and sandals. I'm a do it yourself kinda girl, so every week or so I give myself a mani/pedi. My hands are easy to maintain, a change of polish give them an instant fresh look. My feet on the other hand need a little more work. I wanted to share a couple simple steps I use to give myself an at home pedicure. 

Things you need:
-Nail clipper
-Soft grit nail file
-Cuticle oil
-Wooden stick
-Foot file
-Toe separators (If you don't have any, cotton balls will do)

Ok so I don't like to go through soaking my feet, it takes too long in my opinion. So instead I prep my feet before I jump in the shower.

Step 1: Remove the old nail polish from your toenails with either non-acetone or pure acetone. I prefer pure acetone it's much more effective. Clip toenails to desired length. File nails straight across in one direction and soften out the corners. Filing your nails in a back in forth saw motion can damage your nails. Then apply a lot of cuticle oil all over your cuticles. 
-Now toes are prepped. I then get in the shower and close the drain so my feet are in the water (soaking) softening all the dead tissue and cuticles. 

Step 2: Towel dry your feet, carefully push cuticle back with wooden stick and use the stick to scrape off the dead cuticle that is visibly lifted. If you're comfortable and know how, use a cuticle nipper. Then use the foot paddle to scrape the dead skin off the bottom of your feet. Focusing on heels, balls, & under the toes. Or anywhere you feel your skin isn't soft. Rinse your feet.

Step 3: Soak a piece of cotton with acetone and remove any excess oils from your toenails with it. Put on your toe separators. If you don't have any, place cotton balls between your toes, they works just as good. Then begin to polish...
One base coat, two color coats and one top coat. Finished! Now show off those pretty piggies!

-NinyaBella <3 


  1. cotton balls are a good idea for toe separators! thanks for that tip :)

  2. Yes, I learned that trick in school ;)