Saturday, April 16, 2011


I don't normally wear false lashes because to be honest I have a really hard time putting them on right. I really like the way they look, so I figured if I want to start using them more often I have to train myself on applying them. Today I gave them a try, it took a lot of work but I got them on.

-NinyaBella <3


  1. Any suggestions on where I can get fake lashes for a fair price? and did you have to use anything besides just your fingers like tweezers to help apply them?

  2. The ones I used here are from, they were $1.00. They have other fuller ones for $3.00, but they don't get any more expensive then that. I used all sorts of things to help me put them on, lol tweezers, the end of one of my brushes my fingertips. I believe until you get used to applying them it will be a little difficult.

  3. i love the lashes, these look so natural-gorgeous pics as well <3