Sunday, April 17, 2011

This and that

After a trip to Walmart and my sisters house I now have a couple things to add to my growing make up collection. I have a love/hate relationship with the impulse items that are placed in the check-out isles at most stores. Waiting in a long line to pay for groceries, I picked up these two things. 

eos-Lemon Drop YUM!
Eventually I hope to have all of the products eos offers. 

MAYBELLINE-Blackest Black Great Lash Mascara
I currently use this mascara in "Very Black". I love it, but figured I would try this instead. I was running out of mascara anyway, perfect chance to try something new. 

I should go see my sister more often, because every time I go to visit I leave with some goodies. She recently received some Mary Kay eyeshadows (which im addicted to) and ended up getting double colors which she gave to me. Lucky me! I am her baby sister after all :) These colors are so pretty & shimmery.

-NinyaBella <3


  1. I wish we had those EOS lipbalms here, so cute!

  2. I have the honeydew eos but I love lemon! I must find that flavor! And you are lucky to have a sister, my two brothers are no fun :(

  3. i saw the EOS at walmart lol and thought they were little eggs for easter baskets... now after reading about them i must try them... thanks! love your blog :)

  4. Im so desperate to try those EOS lipbalms. We dont get them in the UK unless you buy them from amazon for about £5, which is crazy! :( x

  5. I've heard from several people that they aren't found in the UK which is a bummer, and Amazon should be a shamed having them for such a high price!

  6. That blue eye shadow is it


  7. beautiful post!!!
    xoxo honey

  8. Maybelline is my favorite mascara ♥ Thanks for following too!