Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

Like any other day I go to check my twitter and notice Rihanna tweeted the cover to her new single "Man Down" shown below. I replied to her "why does her hair look so nappy?" Rihanna replies to me "Cuz im black bitch!" Now, the first thing I thought was "that doesn't answer my question". What does being black have anything to do with an ugly weave/wig. Nappy to me means dry, coarse, unkept hair. It doesn't mean it has to be straight. And to me, this is how her hair looks in this cover. Other times it has looked good because it's kept and done. 

 As a celebrity she has stylist who takes care of these things especially for an album cover.   As a fan I thought it was a poor choice of picture, this same picture in color looks amazing! This black and white does nothing good for her. The texture of her hair looks horrible. It looks like plastic doll hair. 

Everybody is jumping on the racist thing, first off Im not caucasian, Im hispanic. Full Dominican to be exact. My husband who is also the father of my kids is also Dominican. His hair is extremely nappy, so is my sons. Most of the people in my family have nappy hair. If you don't know what Dominicans look like.. Look it up. 

Another thing people were telling me was to educate myself. I went to a cosmetology school and know the basics about hair. Like what unkept hair looks like and that everybody who does go to the salon, goes to get something done that will enhance their look. Not make it look worst, or keep it the same. 

Maybe It was mean, but It's what I felt. I don't think with the amount of money she has she should be walking around with unkept hair. And in fact if she does like her hair the way it was, she would have replied "Because I like it like that" and not blame it on her race. 


  1. I'm glad to read your post and understand where your comment came from (which was not malice). On the flip side, with all due respect, I hope you can also see how some would find your question insensitive. Example: My hair is curly, but my co-worker said "oh, look at your afro puff!". My hair is clearly curly, not frizzy or an afro and if I was, for example, white with curly hair, he would have never made a comment like that, which was both insensitive and offensive As a black woman, if someone told me my hair looked nappy, I would definitely be offended, but I guess that's not something everyone would understand. Anyway, sometimes I guess we just need to look at all sides. Anyway, I love your blog.... I'll definitely stay posted! Thanks for your open response! :-)

  2. I dont even know you and first of I would like to apologize for i was one of the tweeple rt'n to the tweets that were PRO rihanna, post reading ur side I know stand clear of where your comment came from and your absolutely right about the hair and what u perceive as nappy. I too went to cosmo school and still practice the art of doing hair on my leisure time. and im also Hispanic with coarse hair like ur hubby and the end of the day hair is hair ur comment was bold as hers was uncalled for...

  3. I think she was being unprofessional saying cause she's black and calling you a bitch. Real mature, Rihanna. She has a reputation to protect and she's doing a bad job.

  4. i think this was f-ing hilarious ! She chose the hair for a reason, she wanted the unkempt look. This lady has money for miles. If she wanted her ish to look on point, TRUST ME, it would have been

  5. Jajajaja mija no le aga caso tu sabe que muchos de la raza negra tienen complejo, por eso te respondio como lo hiso rihana e una maldita acompleja'. You weren't even talking about her hair it was about a wig and she took it personal and made it about her real hair rihanna is a dumb bitch for doing this. And yea you should reply to all the fuckers who when in on you, I'm not white I'm Dominican bitch! Lmao. What's with people thinking us Dominicans as white? The fuck you not the only one. This other girl on youtube was called a white bitch and she wasn't even white she was Dominican lol. I mean you kinda do look white but people shouldn't jump to conclusions because just because you look like a certain ethnicity it doesn't mean you are of such ethnicity, in this case they though you were a white american but you aren't your Dominican.