Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cabellina Shampoo

Years ago I used a hair shampoo that my mother bought for me after her hair dresser recommended it for me. I was maybe 12 years old and as I mentioned before I always had loose curly hair down to my waist. My mother told me to use this shampoo which was supposed to help me clean my long thick hair, and that it would also add shine. I would go through shampoo so often, I had to use so much product to get my hair clean because it was so long and thick. After using that bottle my mother bought for me I didn't bother to look for it because I wanted to use something more popular like Pantene ProV. Years went by and I tried remembering the name of it because I wanted to start using it again

In a recent trip to Walmart I came across Cabellina Shampoo, I recognized the bottle right away because of the picture of a horse on the bottle. I thought to myself, the next time I run out of shampoo I'm going to get it again, and I did. I am growing my hair out, its' very healthy free of dye so I don't feel the need to get really expensive products to avoid or repair any damage. Recently since my hair has gotten longer I have had issues with the cleanliness of it again. I shampoo it two and three times in the shower and I never feel satisfied, it almost feels like the oiliness isn't completely gone. I've been using TRESemme, I couldn't wait to finish the bottle to buy Cabellina Shampoo.  

Cabellina Shampoo is used to moisturize, thicken and add shine to your hair. It has olive oil, coconut oil and horsetail extract. 

This is a picture of my hair while using TREsemme Shampoo/Conditioner. 

That's my lovely big sister in the background <3. Anywho, see my hair has some natural shine. I want to enhance the shine, thickness and nourish my ends. I will post a new picture and let you ladies know how my first wash turned out. 

Oh btw, since I'm trying a new shampoo I figured what the heck, let's change the conditioner too. Tee hee, for the first time ever I bought the Aussie Moist Conditioner which is what I plan to use regularly. 

I'm so pumped that it's a pump. Pun intended. I hate grabbing a heavy bottle of conditioner trying to flip it upside down, squeeze some product out and get it right side up again with one hand while it's wet slippery. Wish me luck! 


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