Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love CLINIQUE sweepstakes!

A couple months ago I went on CLINIQUE Facebook page and entered their 'I love CLINIQUE sweepstakes'. I usually don't enter any of these things cause I think, "What are the chances I'll actually win?" Well my friends, this day my chances were great. I received an email about two months later that said I was one of the winners of the sweepstakes and I would receive a deluxe sample kit which had an approximate retail value of $70.00! It said I didn't have to do anything else but wait for my package in the mail. I checked my mail more often than usual after reading that email and about a week ago I got the package! Cliniques has such great products, I'm so glad I got a bag of goodies to add to my cosmetics. In the package was an adorable makeup bag, a small hair brush, a lipstick, lip gloss, lip super balm, eye pencil, mascara, eye cream and a moisturizing cream.  



  1. Congrats on winning! Everything looks great, I've heard a lot about this eye cream x

  2. Thanks! It is great, it's super creamy goes on smoothly and doesn't look greasy after you've applied it.