Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Perfect Polish

Don't have a steady hand and always seem to make a mess when trying to polish your nails? Here are some tips on how to get the perfect polished nails. 
This is what you will need. Base coat, top coat, desired color, pure acetone, a small flat brush and a cotton ball. 

After applying base coat, start polishing by placing the wand about a centimeter away from your cuticle. This will avoid your cuticles getting smeared with polish. 

After you have applied two coats of color. Pour a little bit of pure acetone into the bottle cap of the acetone bottle. 

Dip the tip of the brush into the cap to wet the brush. If you picked up too much acetone just dab it on the cotton ball, the cotton ball will absorb all the excess acetone.

Then just clean around your cuticles slowly removing any polish that is close to the cuticle. 

If you don't have a steady hand use your pinky to give you leverage. After every nail, dip the brush back in the acetone then wipe it on the cotton ball to remove any polish the bristles have absorbed. After you've cleaned all of them, apply top coat.

Your nails will look like you just got a fresh manicure from a spa. 

-NinyaBella <3

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

Like any other day I go to check my twitter and notice Rihanna tweeted the cover to her new single "Man Down" shown below. I replied to her "why does her hair look so nappy?" Rihanna replies to me "Cuz im black bitch!" Now, the first thing I thought was "that doesn't answer my question". What does being black have anything to do with an ugly weave/wig. Nappy to me means dry, coarse, unkept hair. It doesn't mean it has to be straight. And to me, this is how her hair looks in this cover. Other times it has looked good because it's kept and done. 

 As a celebrity she has stylist who takes care of these things especially for an album cover.   As a fan I thought it was a poor choice of picture, this same picture in color looks amazing! This black and white does nothing good for her. The texture of her hair looks horrible. It looks like plastic doll hair. 

Everybody is jumping on the racist thing, first off Im not caucasian, Im hispanic. Full Dominican to be exact. My husband who is also the father of my kids is also Dominican. His hair is extremely nappy, so is my sons. Most of the people in my family have nappy hair. If you don't know what Dominicans look like.. Look it up. 

Another thing people were telling me was to educate myself. I went to a cosmetology school and know the basics about hair. Like what unkept hair looks like and that everybody who does go to the salon, goes to get something done that will enhance their look. Not make it look worst, or keep it the same. 

Maybe It was mean, but It's what I felt. I don't think with the amount of money she has she should be walking around with unkept hair. And in fact if she does like her hair the way it was, she would have replied "Because I like it like that" and not blame it on her race. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

My mothers day was great, I got to spend time with the family and ate yummy food. It's days like these that you really appreciate the people in your life and the ones you love most. My children are everything to me, I am truly blessed.

Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful ladies with babies.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lauren Conrad Inspired

Im a huge fan of Lauren Conrad, I've been following her since Laguna Beach. I love her style, it's so simple yet sophisticated. Thanks to a fellow blogger, I recently discovered http://thebeautydepartment.com/ . And since I follow Lauren Conrad on facebook I realized The Beauty Department also has a Youtube channel which I also subscribed to. I decided to do a Lauren Conrad everyday cat eye and ballerina bun. Here are the links to the videos. 


This is my finished look. :)

NinyaBella <3

Monday, May 2, 2011

Loofah, Cleanser, Polish,... EOS

I wanted to share a couple products I recently got on one of my regular drug store run. The first thing I want to mention is my loofah sponge. I'm a scrubbing addict in the shower, and this loofah sponge works great for me. I go through these like every 3 months or so. It does a fantastic job at exfoliating. 

I also picked up Clean & Clear morning burst facial scrub. I have had this on my wish list for months, I love the way it smells. The little beads in it make you feel like you're really getting all the dirt and dead skin off your face. 

Next is this cute Pure Ice "Spit Fire" glitter polish. It adds a pretty sparkle to any soft pink or purple polish. 

And last but most definitely not least.. EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew lip balm. I believed this was the only one I was missing. It's just as amazing as Summer Fruit and Lemon drop. I recently saw they have two other flavors that I haven't seen in the stores. Medicated Tangerine and Sweet Mint... You will be mine. 


DIY How to fix a broken nail

Hi girls! I recently filmed my first how-to video on YouTube. I hadn't posted it on here because I'm a dummy when it comes to computers and didn't exactly know how to embed the video on here. Anywho, I figured it out and here it is. This is a quick easy way to fix a natural broken or cracked nail. I hope you girls like it! :)
NinyaBella <3