Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nail Art- Mix

Tonight I had the urge to play with my nails. I used water paint, brushes and a dotter. I free hand designed each nail with something cute. What do you think? 

NinyaBella <3

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clean As A Whistle

As anxious as I was to see what this product was all about here are some pictures of my hair after my first wash with Cabellina Shampoo. These first two were taken in the sun. 


These were in the shaded area with natural light.


I followed the instructions on the back of the bottle. I wet my hair thoroughly first, after all of my hair was wet I filled up half of the palm of my hand with shampoo and started working it in my hair. I have to admit, at first there weren't many bubbles and I immediately felt concerned that I might have wasted my money on this product. I continued to work it in for about two minutes before rinsing it out. After rinsing it out completely I took the same amount of shampoo again and worked it into my hair. This time there were lots of bubbles, it felt thick and was easier to work in. I left the shampoo in my hair for about 5 minutes while I showered. After showering I rinsed all the shampoo out and I felt my hair was actually squeaking as I rubbed my fingers through it to get all the shampoo out. This made me very excited! I couldn't believe my hair felt so clean! I was afraid it would be too clean and might dry out my ends so I applied the Aussie conditioner to my ends only. I left the conditioner in my ends for about a minute and rinsed it out. I let my hair air dry over night and straightened it with a flat iron the next morning. I didn't apply any other products in my hair as I wanted to see the shampoos work on its own. Before I straightened it my hair was very soft, loose and felt very light and could comb it with my fingers. No tangles. I'm very excited about this product, i feel like it has solved a problem that has been bugging me for a while now. 

My friend Maria and her younger sister Amara helped me take these pictures. Maria took the pictures while Amara helped by fixing my hair, she mentioned how soft it felt and I couldn't help but say "I know, right!". I can't stop running my fingers through it. 

I can't leave behind how awesome the Aussie conditioner is. I was so tempted to apply it all over my head because the little bit I used just penetrated my hair so well. It didn't feel like it was just sitting on the surface of my hair like Garnier conditioner. Even my boyfriend mentioned how great it was after using it this morning. 

How happy are you with the shampoo/conditioner you are using? Is it working to your liking or are you on the hunt for something new? I'd love to know what you have to say. 


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cabellina Shampoo

Years ago I used a hair shampoo that my mother bought for me after her hair dresser recommended it for me. I was maybe 12 years old and as I mentioned before I always had loose curly hair down to my waist. My mother told me to use this shampoo which was supposed to help me clean my long thick hair, and that it would also add shine. I would go through shampoo so often, I had to use so much product to get my hair clean because it was so long and thick. After using that bottle my mother bought for me I didn't bother to look for it because I wanted to use something more popular like Pantene ProV. Years went by and I tried remembering the name of it because I wanted to start using it again

In a recent trip to Walmart I came across Cabellina Shampoo, I recognized the bottle right away because of the picture of a horse on the bottle. I thought to myself, the next time I run out of shampoo I'm going to get it again, and I did. I am growing my hair out, its' very healthy free of dye so I don't feel the need to get really expensive products to avoid or repair any damage. Recently since my hair has gotten longer I have had issues with the cleanliness of it again. I shampoo it two and three times in the shower and I never feel satisfied, it almost feels like the oiliness isn't completely gone. I've been using TRESemme, I couldn't wait to finish the bottle to buy Cabellina Shampoo.  

Cabellina Shampoo is used to moisturize, thicken and add shine to your hair. It has olive oil, coconut oil and horsetail extract. 

This is a picture of my hair while using TREsemme Shampoo/Conditioner. 

That's my lovely big sister in the background <3. Anywho, see my hair has some natural shine. I want to enhance the shine, thickness and nourish my ends. I will post a new picture and let you ladies know how my first wash turned out. 

Oh btw, since I'm trying a new shampoo I figured what the heck, let's change the conditioner too. Tee hee, for the first time ever I bought the Aussie Moist Conditioner which is what I plan to use regularly. 

I'm so pumped that it's a pump. Pun intended. I hate grabbing a heavy bottle of conditioner trying to flip it upside down, squeeze some product out and get it right side up again with one hand while it's wet slippery. Wish me luck! 


Friday, June 17, 2011

Tag you're it!

This is so cool, it's the first one Ive participated in. I was tagged by a fellow blogger Laa Laa Monroe. She is one of the very first blogs I stared to follow when I started blogging recently and only hope one day my blog is as successful as hers. 

The Rules:
1.) Link back to the person who tagged you.
2.) Nominate ten other bloggers.
3.) List your 10 favorite beauty products.

I nominate:








Lindsey Lee


Top ten beauty products:
1.) Mary Kay- Make up remover
2.) Biore- Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser
3.) G.M. Collin- Hydromucine Cream-Mask
4.) EOS- Lip Balm
5.) Redken- Extreme Rescue Force Hair Conditioner
6.) Maybelline- Great Lash Mascara
7.) Physique- Precision Hair Wax
8.) Elf- Lipstick in 'Seduction'
9.) Suave- Vitamine E Body Lotion
10.) Maybelline- Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How I fell in love with my hair

Here you will see the many different things I have done to my hair over the years. A good friend of mine and fellow blogger did something like this and it inspired me to do the same. 

I have gone through hell and back trying to change my style. I tried expressing my individuality and boldness at the cost of damaging my hair. I first died my hair with a box color when I was 20 (in 2005). I tried to go a little lighter than my light golden brown natural hair color and it came out orange. Yikes! I learned my lesson, after that I grew my hair out until I decided to for the first time in my life to cut my hair short. Ever since I could remember before that my hair was at my waist. So I asked for the hairstyle that was super popular at the time. Short in the back and long in the front, and I went full blond. I'll warn you, these pictures will bring the lols'. 

Short blond 2/2006 (I was pregnant with my daughter in this one)

 I kept my hair this short for about two years. Then I decided to grown my hair out and let the blond grow out. This next picture was 7/2006. A month after my little girl was born.

After it was at about the middle of my back I dyed it brown. 


But that wasn't enough, then I went dark brown. 

When that got old I went black.

Then I got bored of the style and cut my bangs. 

Ok so at this point I loved my hair! But after having to color often because a little growth would be visible I started to see a lot of damage. I was so upset I had done so much damage in such a short amount of time I began the lightening process. 

Let me mention I had to do a bleach wash to lighten it and that was a complete disaster. 

I decided to go with an Auburn color which I liked a lot. 


Then a little lighter. 

Three months later I find out I am pregnant with my son. I decided to stop dying my hair all together at this point. This is when the crazy hair color days began. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this because when I was 3 months pregnant I started cosmetology school full time, I worked full time so I basically didn't have a social life. I hated how my hair looked and I was a pregnant fatty. :) Around 5/2009 I cut most of the dyed hair off. I had a lot of my natural hair grown out by this time. The pregnancy was a lot of help in the speed of my hair color recovery. The first good picture I have is right after my son was born. The end of the transition.


I had a lot of my natural hair color grown out but my ends where still a bit red-ish. After I had enough growth to cut off all the hair that had dye on it, I did. 


I felt I was myself again. From then on I had to just be patient with hair growth. I missed my long natural dye free hair and I wanted it all back. A couple months later I styled it different and since then it has been me, naturally. 

My hair now looks exactly how it is in my banner pictures.  

If you enjoyed my post please check out my friends post on her hair troubles. 

NinyaBella <3

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wrong foundation color?

I know this is something that has happened to a lot of us, purchasing the wrong color foundation. Eyeballing or doing a small swatch of foundation before purchasing doesn't always work. I purchased the wrong liquid foundation color on two separate occasions, one was too dark and the other too light. I like both because they give me different coverage so I use these tricks to make them work. 

Liquid foundation:
If you purchased a liquid foundation that is too dark you can mix it with either a little bit of moisturizer, a lighter foundation/concealer  or even sunscreen if you would like a little protection and a dewy finish. 

If you accidentally went with a liquid foundation that looks too light try mixing it with either a darker foundation if you have one or after you have applied it set it lightly with a matte bronzer. 

Mineral/Loose powder foundation:
Same goes for loose powder. If it's too dark try mixing it with a lighter powder. If it's too dark mix a small amount with one of your bronzers. 

I use this trick with my liquid foundation. I have really dry skin so powder foundation doesn't work well for me, if you try this trick with your loose powder I would love to know if it worked for you or not.  

-NinyaBella <3