Monday, July 18, 2011

Giveaway!- CLOSED-

My sister in law & fellow blogger is doing her first giveaway! Check it out she has lots of goodies you'll love to add to your beauty collection. Very easy to enter check out the link below.

Good luck! NinyaBella <3

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Matte Nail Polish- Hot Pink

I bought a hot pink nail polish about 2 years ago from Charlotte Russe for $1.99. I loved the color which was what caught my eye and the price was definitely right. I got a nice surprise when I first used it because it was matte, I had never used a matte nail polish before & I honestly didn't even know they existed. Within the last year I've seen more nails in magazines and on the web with matte nail polish. I love this look, it's very different than your average glossy finished manicure. I decided to show you guys a couple pictures of how mine looks. I didn't use a top coat because it would defeat the purpose of the matte finish the polish has. I plan on getting different colors and using this look more often. I hope you like it!  

NinyaBella <3

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reverse- French Manicure

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the original french manicure which is to this day extremely popular and the classic nail design. The reverse french manicure is a bit more daring and funky. This trend was popular in the late 80s early 90s and has  recently become the popular trend for summer. Like the french manicure, the reverse french is a little complicated. Here are a couple tips on how I do mine and hopefully if you try this trend for the summer it will help you on accomplish this look. 

You will first choose your base color which will be the color your half moon will be. This is the little white spot closer to your cuticle. I chose a neutral color as my base and a bright blue as my second color. 

After applying base coat, apply your first color. This is the color your half moon will be. 

Then with your second color and a thin stripper brush draw a C on the area around your cuticle.

Then polish the nail with the second color from the outside part of the C to the free edge of your nail. 

You can go back with your small stripper brush to sharpen up that line if necessary. This is the finish look. 

I love these colors together, this look is funky and totally wearable. Would you girls sport this summer trend? If you do decide to do it , I'd love to know if my tips helped. 

NinyaBella <3

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vintage Love

I had to share these photos. They are my favorite photos of us right now. I love this man to the moon and back. 

NinyaBella <3

Veronica Lake Inspired

I had the pleasure of celebrating one of my best friends birthday this weekend. She planned a 1940s themed dinner at a great chophouse restaurant in the soho district of Tampa, FL called Timpanos. The ambiance was perfect for our themed celebration, even the music brought you back to that beautiful vintage era. 

I noticed the popular style in that time was a short hair cut. My hair is a bit longer so I decided to go with a Veronica Lake glamorous look. Veronica Lake was a actress and pin up girl known for her peek-a-boo hairstyle, my look was completely inspired by her. 

The popular style was pin curled waved hair, bold lip and eyebrows and soft pink cheeks. 

What do you gals think? Did I get the look? 

NinyaBella <3

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red, White & BLUE!

Happy 4th of July! Yesterday we took the kids to a park in Clearwater, FL to see the fireworks. I can't say my closet has any patriotic items so I decided to brighten up my eyes with some pretty blues and went with a bright lip color (Seduction by I used my Sephora Color Play palette. I don't have the names of the colors :( So I'm adding a picture to give you guys an idea of the colors I used.

1. Lid
2. Crease
3. Blended 2 in clease
4. Brow bone and inner corner as highlight
5. As lower lid liner
6. Cheeks 


(Edited by Joel Santana)


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Doll Face

I will be helping my brother-in-law Joel with a project soon, testing myself to see how creative I could get with my make up I decided to have a little fun with a look. This is a remake of a dark porcelain doll.  

I'm excited and look forward to do a different look for his project, check out his website on the link above he is an amazing artist.

NinyaBella <3  

Hello Turquoise

I love this color. Turquoise and glitter are the perfect combination for nail art.

Did I go over board or what?! :)


Friday, July 1, 2011

3D Acrylic Glitter-Nail Art

After all the fun I had last night doing my nails I was anxious to get home from work and try something I haven't done since I was in cosmetology school. I pulled out my nail kit & decided to take out white acrylic, pink acrylic mixed with glitter, nail art stickers and rhinestones. Hello Kitty, the pink bow and the purple hearts are all 3d acrylic, and glitter acrylic. I didn't realize how much I missed this type of nail art, it's so fun and lasts longer than a plain old polish pedicure. 

I felt a little rusty with the acrylic but I plan to do this a little more often and soon I will get my groove back. I hope you guys don't mind my little piggies :) 

-Have you ever tried 3d nail art? Would you do something like this to your nails? 

NinyaBella <3