Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marionette Story- Shared post

I am so excited to share this post! I was recently invited to participate in a creative idea Joel Santana had for a photo shoot. He got so many great shots he decided to do a short instead. Below is the video && don't forget to check out his blog to read the full story and to see all the amazing creative work he does. 

We would love to see what you think! Leave a comment below! 

NinyaBella <3

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Infinity Curling Rod- by Conair

I'm so sorry for my absence, I miss blogging and have been looking forward to this post. I've been working like a mad woman and big changes are coming for me in the near future so I have been out of the loop to say the least. 

My bff styled her hair with a curling rod for a dinner party a couple months back and I fell in love with the look! It looked like beach hair without the Medusa effect. I have a flat iron which I use to straighten and curl my hair and on occasion I use a wide barrel curling iron but none of them accomplished this look I couldn't stop obsessing over. Sooo during Mother's day weekend I decided to get myself a curling rod. A gift from me to me because I am an awesome mom. ::toots own horn:: 

Any who, I went with something inexpensive to get me used to using the product. I purchased the Infinity Curling Rod by Conair at Walmart for less than $40.00. It's very easy to use you basically grab a piece of hair and curl it around the rod. It brings a three finger mitten so you don't burn your fingers.  

Here is the finished look. 

It took me about thirty minutes to curl my entire head. It's the perfect size for my hair length right now, I know I'll have to get a bigger one in a couple months as I plan to continue to let my hair grow. 

I love it! I'll be rocking beach hair for the rest of the summer :)  

NinyaBella <3