Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Nail Art

Hi dolls I recently saw a nail art in a Avon book that I thought was so cute and perfect for the holidays. I decided to try it out and do a little step by step tutorial on how I did it. First here is what I used: 
1.) Base coat
2.) Top coat
3.) Milani Nail Lacquer in Black Cherry 
4.) Milani Nail Lacquer in Gold Glitz (My favorite polish right now)
5.) Tape
6.) Scissors 

Ok so I started off by applying my base coat. 
Then I cut little strips of tape in the shape of a triangle. 
I applied the tape to my nail with the point away from my cuticle.
I applied two coats of Black Cherry and waited for it to dry.  Like so..

When it dries take the strips of tape off slowly so the nail polish does not strip. 

Then with Gold Glitz I filled in the part of the nail that was bare. This is where it gets tricky, when applying the polish use the brush sideways. Do the strokes with the end of the brush parallel to the lines of the polish towards your cuticles.

Continue to do this to all of them. And don't worry if you make a mess, you can always go back and clean it up with a flat brush and pure acetone. I applied two coats of Gold Glitz then let it dry for a couple minutes before I applied top coat. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you try this out let me know if the steps helped you. 

Here is the finished look.

 NinyaBella <3

Sunday, November 6, 2011

DIY- Ribbon bracelet

Yesterday I was in my crafty mood again. I made a couple bracelets out of simple things I had around. This in particular was made of some ribbon I bought for a dollar at Target and an old rhinestone chandelier earring I no longer wear. I cut the chained rhinestones off the earrings and sewed it to the ribbon. 

NinyaBella <3

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Voodoo with Glitz

Hi gals, I want to share two products that you will have no choice but to fall in love with. Milani Nail Lacquer in 'Gold Glitz" and e.l.f Lipstick in Voodoo. Enjoy!

NinyaBella <3