Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sigma - Make me Cool - 12 Brush kit in Aqua

I cannot explain the amount of excitement I have about this purchase. I have probably been wanting Sigma brushes for about 2 years now but since they are so expensive I had a hard time committing to this purchase. 

However, brushes are an investment.. if you take care of them they will take care of you by giving you a long life of usage. Here is Sigmas Make me Cool 12 brush kit in Aqua. 

The texture of the bristles on these brushes are absolutely amazing. They are so soft! I'm extremely anxious to put them to use. The leather case they come in is so convenient, you can just set them on top of a dresser for easy access not to mention how adorable it looks. The clips on the top makes them easy to travel with as well. So happy I can finally say I'm a Sigma brush owner :D

And as a gift for my purchase they gave me a travel sized blending brush! 

<3 NinyaBella

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  1. I loveee my sigma brushes <333 I've been meaning to a review on them as well on my blog. I love the color of yours! Mines are just plain ol black :( I guess Art wasn't feeling colorful when he ordered mines for Christmas lol